.NET Excel SDK

Product Overview
CnetSDK .NET Excel SDK is a professional Excel library and component for Excel programming in .NET platform. This professional .NET Excel library component allows .NET, C#, VB.NET programmers to integrate mature Excel ​xlsx and xls spreadsheet processing and modifying features into .NET Framework applications, like windows and server-based applications. .NET programmers can easily create, read, write, save, modify, process, and edit Excel XLSX and XLS spreadsheet in Excel programming.
  1. For Multiple Applications
    CnetSDK .NET Excel SDK is fully programmed in Visual C# programming language, strictly tested before any release. This .NET Excel library and Excel component can be integrated into various .NET applications development (.NET Framework 4.0 and greater), like .NET Windows Forms, ASP.NET AJAX, WPF & .NET desktop applications.
  2. Mature .NET Excel Library
    CnetSDK .NET Excel SDK is a competitive Excel software on the market. It is cost-effective with advanced and mature Excel editing and processing features for Excel programming in .NET platform. This .NET Excel library component supports multi-threaded applications. And it can process and edit Excel document with the large spreadsheet.
  3. Stand-alone Excel Library
    CnetSDK .NET Excel SDK is a complete and independent Excel library component for .NET applications development. It is not necessary to add or integrate other third-party Excel software or Excel library components into your .NET platform application. Especially, Microsoft Office is not required to for your PC or server.
  4. Read & Create Excel
    After integrating CnetSDK .NET Excel library component into your Excel programming project, you can easily load, read, and create Excel document from local file and stream. In addition, .NET programmers can generate and create Excel XLSX and XLS spreadsheets from DataSet and DataTable. Our .NET Excel library also supports Office Open XML (OOXML).
  5. Modify & Edit Excel
    CnetSDK .NET Excel SDK software allows .NET programmers to modify and edit newly-created and existing MS Office Excel document, like editing Excel spread sheet cells, rows, columns, etc. For example, .NET developers can modify and edit cells' data and formula of XLSX and XLS spreadsheet.
  6. Import & Export Excel
    CnetSDK .NET Excel software library provides methods to import and export Excel. In details, you can import data from other data source & convert it to Excel worksheets, like Microsoft SQL Server database, DataSet, and DataTable. Conversely, .NET Excel software library also allows you to export Excel worksheet data to a DataTable, DataSet, and SQL Server database.
Download Free Trial
It is very easy to use CnetSDK .NET Excel SDK for .NET applications development. We provide a demo project within the free trial package. So, after downloading our .NET Excel library trial online, you can directly refer to the demo in it. Moreover, we also provide an online tutorial for how to use CnetSDK .NET Excel SDK software. Or, you may see more tutorials below.
  • .NET Excel Library Tutorial: How To Read & Create Excel
  • .NET Excel Library Tutorial: How To Modify & Edit Excel
  • .NET Excel Library Tutorial: How To Import & Export Excel

Please Note: for the free trial of .NET Excel Editor SDK, you can only read and write the first 200 rows of Excel spreadsheet. To fully edit Microsoft Excel, you should order a license of CnetSDK .NET Excel SDK online.​
Three license types are provided for you to choose from, namely One Server License ($899), Group Server license ($1,699), Unlimited Server License ($2,999). Each of which permits the unlimited developer to use (copies of) CnetSDK .NET Excel SDK to develop the unlimited number of derived works that can be deployed to 1, 2 to 8, or unlimited server(s) respectively. Please note, if your derived work is a single-user client application, the Group Servers License is required. And it grants you to use CnetSDK Software to develop and install unlimited (copies of) single-user client application to unlimited client desktop PC's. You may see more licensing details or make an order now.